21 day fix extreme pumpkin cheesecake


IMG_0076Ok so before i get my head chewed off i realize that dairy like cottage cheese and greek yogurt are not recommended on the Count down to competition because that is what Autumn stays away from cause it may cause bloating.I However am not doing this for a competition and just to stay away from my purples(fruit), Blues(healthy fats) and orange(seeds and dressings) to have some cottage cheese and greek yogurt in my eyes is ok.So yes maybe i won’t get the best results but to me its more of a metal thing and challenging my mind and body.

I tried not to over do it. But I love greek yogurt and sometimes getting in all this protein is hard! So I wanted to switch up the original recipe a little and see how it came out!

So I just got home and was only gonna eat a little piece yea right so much for that haha! I def am liking this version i need to get it out of my house so I don’t eat it all though lol!

Here is what I used:
~3/4 CUP 100% real pumpkin(pureed)
~3/4 2% cottage cheese
~1/2 cup fat free Greek yogurt
~1 tsp of vanilla
~1 tsp cinammon
~1 tsp pumkin pie spice
~2 eggs
~1 tsp of stevia
~1 tbs of maple syrup
~1 tbs of almond flour(optional I left it out)

Here is what you do:
1) preheat oven to 350 and grease a small pan i use a small cake pan about 7-8 inches

2) Blend the cottage cheese in a blender untill creamy and no clumps left

3) Add the remaining ingredients into the blender and mix into well combined and creamy.

4) Stick in the oven for 30-35 mins.. it will still be a little jiggly but you are looking for the cake to be away from the edges,

5)Place in fridge for a few hours or overnight.

Since this was the version for the C2C I eliminated the cashew fruit and almond flour.. I know they don’t count as much but I wanted to try it this way and i actually like it a lot!! Nice and creamy and a more pumpkin flavor.

I counted this as 1 1/2 red if made into 4 servings 1 red if made into 6 servings…i was wishing i could count more of the pumpkin as a green but i don’t think it is enough to really count it as a green.


4 thoughts on “21 day fix extreme pumpkin cheesecake”

  1. Michelle, I love this blog. You are doing a great job. Love the design and layout. I am going to make your cheesecake this wknd. Did you use a spring form cake pan? Also, when I make cheesecakes I sit the cheesecake in a water bath so that the top won’t crack while baking. Should I do that for this one? Can’t wait, will let you know how it turns out!


    1. Hey suzette Thnakyou so much for your kind words..life has been crazy these past few weeks but hoping to post more soon.

      I just used a small cake pan and did not have any problems with it cracking i guess it might be since i am not really using cream cheese? i am not sure but can’t wait to hear how your turned out.


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